City Hands offers specialised physiotherapy for the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow in central Auckland.
The healing hand

Aristotle described the human hand as the “tool of tools” and for each of us, in a myriad of different ways, this is entirely true. It is due to this sort of use, that our hands sometimes get injured.

The hand’s complex anatomy and functional requirements, often necessitate specialised input. Hand therapy is able to diagnose and provide advice/splinting/exercises and other forms of therapy for numerous disorders of the upper limb.  

Sharon Nash

About the therapist

Sharon graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2000, and since that time has worked primarily in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, with a focus on the hand and upper limb.  

Our Services

The most important role we have as hand therapists is to advise and educate you on your condition, and help as your rehabilitation progresses through the stages of healing.